Real8 Program (RL8)

What is Real8?

Real8 is a mentoring program focused on primary prevention; aiming to develop and build the capacity of young people through one-on-one and group mentoring, enabling them to build positive connections with their communities and providing them with the tools and resources needed to lead healthier and safer lifestyles.

What Services are offered under the Real8 program?

We aim to equip young people with the tools and strategies to navigate obstacles in their everyday lives. We pair up young persons with a positive role model that will guide them in understanding how to make good choices. We give the young people the platform to have a voice and be in control of how they can contribute to improving their quality of life.

Early Intervention / Diversionary
Our support workers and youth workers will reach out and work with children/young people who are at risk or disadvantage such as poverty, violence, family breakdown, homelessness, issues at school, and self-awareness. We look at the risk factors affecting a child or young person and how we can work towards reducing these factors to accomplish positive results. We provide a holistic approach to working with young people that is evidence-based and best practice.

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