Community Development

We are all part of a community and when a community is thriving it benefits everyone involved. At times there are communities that may not be doing so well and could face challenges such as social, economic, environmental or cultural issues. Any of these problems can bring forth a problem to all people living in these communities, especially for the children who grow up in a community environment that may be giving bad examples to young people.

Community Development is an important process in where we can help your local community tackle these issues directly by opening discussions and finding the source for what may be causing these community issues to begin with. A community is at its strongest when united and working together for the benefit of all those living in that community. With programs such as cultural inclusion, neighbourhood activities, public events and school open days, the building blocks for a stronger and safer community can be formed and together we can build a better tomorrow for our families.

You see you wouldn't ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged petals. On the contrary, we would all celebrate its tenacity. We would all love it's will to reach the sun. Well, we are the rose - this is the concrete - and these are my damaged petals. Don't ask me why, ask me how!