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Street Industries works with the community by empowering young people to realise their full potential. We want them to discover greatness within themselves by engaging, supporting and providing the opportunities to encourage and facilitate positive life choices that will see them become strong active members of society.

To be able to provide quality programs, we need support from other contributors or organisations willing to lend a hand. If you believe in our vision and are drawn to join this grassroots movement please contact us.

Below are several ways you could make an impact on the lives of young people living in Australia.

To be able to provide quality programs and reach more young people, we need support from other contributors or organisations willing to lend a hand.


Bank: ANZ
Name: Street Industries
BSB: 012226
ACC: 308826298

Leave a Legacy

For these young people to turn their lives around and overcome immense personal trauma such as neglect, physical, psychological and/or emotional abuse we need your help. 100% of your donation will go towards our community and youth support services allowing us to reach more children and young people in desperate need of someone to believe in them.

Your donation would help deliver group community events, training sessions, counselling and other services such as purchasing work clothes, equipment, food or entry into educational programs. Many of the young people we work with are without basic necessities.

If you can support through the donation of clothing, books, furniture, work gear, stationary or toys for children we can hand these directly to those in the greatest need.

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