About Street Industries

Who we are

Street Industries is a community service organisation who aim to support and rebuild struggling youth and communities on their terms, at their own pace and in their environment. The team at Street Industries know all too well the trouble and hardships facing some young people and have united to take what we learnt from our past experiences and direct them to help others in need. We seek to help people from all walks of life no matter what they have been through, where they live, their level of education, culture or racial backgrounds.

Our Vision:
Communities with ‘streets’ of opportunities, solidarity and compassion.

Our Mission:
Empowering & supporting marginalised individuals at a time most needed in their own surroundings

Our Values
Social Justice
Team Work

Why we do this

It is not easy to experience personal financial, emotional or mental hardships especially for younger people or those living in a destructive environment. Our goal is to provide a strong foundation and support structure to children and young adults who are going through their own personal hardships and to help bring them and their communities stronger together. When a whole community comes together for the sake of a singular purpose, there is no stopping what they can do and how much positive change can come out of it, change that will benefit them and their children.